For Expectant Mothers

Congratulations on expecting! Your oral health is especially important if you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant in the near future.  

Caring for your oral health

Your dental health is an important component of your overall health, and your well-being is crucial for your baby’s. Studies have shown a link between gum disease in mothers and premature, underweight babies. Therefore, please continue to see your dentist throughout your pregnancy. Besides being cautious during the first trimester, you can and should get routine cleanings, have necessary x-rays taken, and even have treatment completed with local anesthetic without fear.

Caring for your baby’s oral health

You can and should brush your baby’s teeth as soon as they are visible, twice-a-day, with a soft bristle brush. Floss the teeth that have tight contacts. If your baby starts solids before any tooth is erupted, it’s a good idea to wipe his/her gums, inner cheeks and tongue using a wet washcloth.

While certain dental conditions are hereditary, these are relatively uncommon. Babies are not born with cavity-causing bacteria—they actually get the bacteria from saliva sharing activities with parents, caregivers and/or siblings. So please avoid sharing food and utensils with your baby if you or anyone else in your family has active caries and/or is prone to dental issues.


Breast milk, infant formula or cow’s milk alone are unlikely to cause dental cavities. On-demand breastfeeding or bottle feeding mixed with the intake of other solids and insufficient brushing/flossing, however, puts a child at a much higher risk for dental caries.

If your baby has difficulty with latching,  please let us know. In some instances, a baby tongue tie or lip tie could be a concern. Working with Dr. Joyce, a pediatrician, or lactation consultant can provide you with quick answers.

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We are passionate about setting up your baby’s oral health for success from the start, and we would love to offer any guidance or answer any question you might have during this exciting time and beyond. Please inquire with our office and take advantage of our complimentary consultation offered to expectant mothers free-of-charge to you.

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